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Establishing a connection is always the first step in any communication.

This action can be performed by any crewmember. Establishing contact earns morale points for the whole crew and unlocks new actions for the Comms Officer

If contact is not established, at least signal quality will be improved and the chances of establishing future contact are improved.

NERON UpdateEdit


Each contact will allow you to get a new benefit (plans for the workshop, information on the Mush, etc..)

  • Corrupted Data:

There's nothing there... The data has been corrupted by a rhizomal virus.


  • Blizzard Documentary

Your screen is covered in greyish snow, it's giving you a headache, so you give up...

Causes com link failure.

  • Wireless Infidelity

The connection is bad... Really bad, no doubt due to the massive magnetite cloud you're currently crossing.

Causes com link failure and significant decrease in signal quality.

-20% signal loss and cuts the connection.

  • Genome Data

This disk contains a wealth of information on the Mush genome collected by Ian Soulton just before the departure of the Daedalus.

Supplies the disk containing data on the Mush genome.

  • Finola's Lost Research

The anti-Mush research carried out by Finola was completed after the departure of the Daedalus. The findings were sent to the tabulatrix, and by reading them, you'll know the status of infection aboard the Daedalus from Day 1!

Prints the current crew infection status report

  • Contact Made With Nils Carlsson

You have re-established contact with Nils Carlsson, whose help with your lab research will be invaluable.

Communication with Nils will replace a Test Sample in the research module.

  • Access The Lost NERON Database

Some of Janice's research findings from Xyloph-17 are added to NERON's memory.

Advances the NERON update progress by 25%

  • Contact Established With Kivanç Terzi!

You have established contact with Kivanç Terzi, who united a large part of the rebellion in the Sol system. His help will be vital in decoding messages from rebel bases.

Gives a 100% bonus on decoding rebel base transmissions. Paola earns 8 Personal Glory.

  • Roger's Kitchenary 2830

You find a file containing dozens of recipes. Lots of recipes. Lots and lots of recipes.

Gives the impression of being an apprentice chef.

  • -

  • School Workbooks

You managed to get your hands on the Teaching centre archive from Xyloph! This intellectual treasure should help you educate your dumbwitted crewmates...

Prints 2x Workbooks

  • Workshop Manuals

Here are multiple plans for basic tools aboard the Daedalus if we dismantle one or two surplus pieces of kit we should have enough materials to build them.

Prints 3x Plans.

Rebel Base NetworkEdit

Day Image Name Effect


+8 Personal Glory to all crew.
Sirius Rations give an extra Action Point.
Centauri Each Blaster gives one extra power point on expeditions.
Kaladaan +6 Morale to all crew.

Luyten- Ceti

Crewmates no longer need the Walkie-Talkie for remote communications.

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