Frieda bergmann






Born in the 21st Century, she has over 45 years of experience in cross-system navigation. While she was studying, she proved the existence of Shapiro's slingshot effect. Woken from cryosleep in the 31st Century, her work on locating celestial bodies had already been most useful to great explorers such as GL Maubrick and Kim Jin-Su. Despite having retired to Bavaria, she is called to Xyloph-17 to serve as the navigator of the Daedalus.


Level 1 - The Astrophysicist

Level 2 - The Pilot

Level 3 - Survivalist

Level 4 - The IT Expert

Level 5 - Radio Expert

Level 6 - Antique Perfume

Detailed BioEdit

Born on Earth.
In less than 2 years Frieda Bergmann listed more than 100 new stars, from the observatory in Dusseldorf.
While studying the Shapiro effect, Frieda proves that the mass of a synthesized black hole could be used to propel space probes at speeds approaching that of light. That same year she was awarded the Nobel Prize for Astrophysics for her publication.
At the age of 35, Frieda decides to dedicate the rest of her life to space exploration. However, the sound technology of her time was only barely sufficient to reach the satellites of Jupiter. Frieda called upon Cryo-Hertz – a society specializing in cryogenic freezing for billionaires and who guarantee an eventual reawakening in a future society in which they will no longer be condemned to die by lack of medical technology.
Frieda is awakened from a sleep lasting 1022 years by specialists who are almost ready to launch the first extra-solar mission to Barnard's Star. Her knowledge will be vital when conducting the first surveys of the star's surface. During this mission she meets the young pilot Kim Jin-Su with whom she must collaborate to take the first samples.
Back on earth Frieda is summoned by the explorer GL Maubrick to join the crew of the Gonzak, a gigantic spaceship which is to explore the Epsilon-Indi system. This was the first time that Frieda set foot on soil outside her own solar system. During these expeditions, she met Kim Jin-Su again who told her about his expedition to Tau-Ceti. It is a system that Frieda knows well, because she studied it when she was at university in the 21st Century.
After restocking, Kim Jin-Su and Frieda were authorized to leave the Gonzak to mount their own expedition to Tau-Ceti. Frieda catalogued all the bodies in the system in detail.
The expedition is a success, the discovery of major Boxylium deposits re-energize space travel. Despite the major role played by Frieda in the geolocalisation of sites, the over-mediatization of the event worked out to the advantage of Jin-Su. Frieda was uninterested in the publicity surrounding the event and in the end she decided just to stay in the shadow of the explorer.
GL Maubrick, who is the minister of spatial expansion puts Frieda in charge of organizing 3 successive intergalactic missions. Unfortunately, the colossal workload rendered it impossible for her to actually join the expedition crews. Her age ( 53 ) combined with here 1060 years of cryosleep increase the risk of cryogenic complications..
At the age of 63 Frieda Bergmann's hopes of escaping were buried for good. She left her observatory in Dusseldorf and retired to Bavaria.
Jin-Su calls on Frieda to work on the discovery of a body found in Magellan's great cloud. This would be a real challenge given the massive distance between this galaxy and the Milky Way. Frieda accepts the mission on the condition that she can participate in the expedition and go to the cloud. Kim Jin-Su names her as the ship's navigator, even though he knows that her chances of surviving 16 years of cryosleep are minimal.

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