Gioele rinaldo




Idle Billionaire Shipowner


Gioele is the ship-owner. He is a billionaire from Earth who is obsessed by space travel, and who financed the initial Daedalus project. Faced with the Mush menace, Gioele panicked and in extremis, with the help of the designers, managed to get a job aboard the ship as a navigator. He also managed to eject a biologist from the original crew to make space for his daughter Paola.


Level 1 - Solid

Level 2 - Paranoid

Level 3 - Caffeine Junkie

Level 4 - The Astrophysicist

Level 5 - Panic

Level 6 - The Victimizer

Detailed BioEdit

Born on Earth.
Thanks to his father's contacts, Gioele got a space as a passenger aboard the Gonzak with the mission of exploring Epsilon Indi. It was there that he met his idol GL Maubrick. Upon his return he began to study astrophysics so that he too could become an explorer one day.
The death of his father made Gioele aware of his family's financial situation. He took over his father's prison management company but changed its operation to suit his own ends: He would send the prisoners to new systems in order to carry out asteroid mining operations.
Gioele is making a fortune but has still not fulfilled his dreams. In an advertising spot on SNC he proposes a budget of 4 billion credits to whomever can propose a viable stellar ark project allowing him to link the Milky Way and Magellan's cloud.
Meets with Kuan-Ti who, the following year, delivers a gigantic World-Ark project involving 7000 people. Gioele allocates the promised budget.
The Federation wishes to participate in financing the project and brings an additional 9 billion credits which will grease the wheels in the advancement of the PILGRED reactor. The explorer, and now official government representative, Kim Jin-Su, is named as project leader.
Gioele learns quite by chance that Jin-Su and Kuan-Ti have manipulated the original project to allow the construction of a smaller exploration vessel, named the Daedalus. Continuing his investigation, he searches Kuan-Ti's office and finds documents proving that Mush has infected the leaders of the federation. His subsequent fear is the reason he becomes desperate to gain access to the Daedalus and join the evacuation.
As the federation reduce the frequency of payments for the project, Gioele offers additional financial support for the project to Raluca Jin-Su et Kuan-Ti. His only condition is that Nils Carlsson is removed from the team and replaced by his daughter Paola Rinaldo. The team refuse.
Nils falls ill during a serious crisis between Xyloph-17 and the federation. The SDF takes control of the project, but Kim Jin-Su organizes the clandestine departure of the Daedalus. Gioele and Paola are finally taken aboard.

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