Ian soulton






Ian Soulton actively participated in Mush research. An authority on the subject, and also on botany, he prepared a study into numerous extra-terrestrial species and created several hundred hybrids using plants from earth. His curiosity for fruit species is particularly evident.


Level 1 - The Botanist

Level 2 - The Biologist

Level 3 - The Mycologist

Level 4 - Green Thumb

Level 5 - The Firefighter

Level 6 - Frugivore

Detailed BioEdit

Born on Earth.
Ian is sent to the Antemis colony on Tau-Ceti to carry out research into new species which have been discovered in the system. He is sent in one of the 5 intergalactic trains of colonists which took thousands of miners to the promised lands of Boxylium.
Revolt erupts on Atemis, and Ian, who sympathizes with the cause of the miners nonetheless is too scared to speak publicly as he is worried that the federation will cut the funding for his laboratory. After the success of the rebellion, federation funding is suspended and the militia refuse his request to be repatriated to Earth.
After the bloodbath at the battle of Sol, the laboratory is requisitioned for the treatment of the wounded. While trying to lend a helping hand, Ian meets a charming nurse by the name of Eleesha Williams. He is impressed by her committment to the sick and wounded. She confides in him that she has made a shocking discovery in some of their cohabitants. A matter of days after this announcement, Eleesha swiftly leaves the system to join the federation. Before her departure, she entrusts him with an unusual sample of spinal bone marrow.
While carrying out tests on the sample, Ian identified a layer of complex mycelium which he managed to introduce into a rat. The mycelium spread throughout the spinal marrow of the animal without seeming to affect the animal. Once the subject was placed amongst other rats, the infected subject exhibited unusual behaviour during which the rat would vomit a spore of 1mm diameter and transports it to a group of healthy rats. Upon contact with spores, healthy subjects undergo three stages of infection at the end of which the mycelium binds to the subject. Ian sent the findings of his research to Eleesha who compiled a report of their work for the scientific press.
Following the government declaration of the Mush invasion of Tau-Ceti and Ross154, Ian is seized by an uncontrollable panic. He subjects some of his team to bone marrow extractions but is still not convinced by the fiability of his experiment. He eventually closes his laboratory and carries out his research on his own..
Once back on Antemis, Eleesha joins him on a project to build a scanner which detects the mycelyum inside the nervous tissue of a body.
The early mycoscan prototypes detected the presence of spores on a rat but stayed silent when the rat was entirely infected.
On the 13th of December, Eleesha and Ian intercept a signal from Jupiter. This transmission informed them of the advanced status of the Mush invasion not only in the rebel camp, but also within the federation. The Jupiter team claimed to have been able to build an ark capable of saving a small group of humans in order to continue their research into Mush in a distant galaxy. Ian is terrorized by the idea of a pandemic decimating the human race. He joins the crew of the Daedalus, but Eleesha wants to stay where she is in order to try to save the miners.
Ian modernized the hydroponic garden project aboard the Daedalus. Thanks to a combination of 12 specific species of plant, he managed to ensure a constantly renewing supply of oxygen aboard the ship.
When Ian awakes, the fire alarm indicates damage in the hydroponic garden. When he arrives it is already too late, only three plants remain, thus condemning the team to certain death.

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