Janice kent




Digital Psychologist


Janice takes care of the Daedalus' IT requirements. She manages NERON's regular psychological breakdowns and put the A-TRUE protocol in place, which allows the central computer to name its own administrator. Janice also manages the psychological needs of the crew of the Daedalus.


Level 1 - Shrink

Level 2 - The IT Expert

Level 3 - NERON's Only Friend

Level 4 - Diplomat

Level 5 - Radio Expert

Level 6 - Self Sacrifice

Detailed BioEdit

Born on Callisto.
Janice enrols in cyber-elementary school on Callisto. She learns at a very early age how to negociate FGUI interfaces and at the age of 6 she built a rudimentary database of recipes for Mother's Day.
Under the influence of a group of alter-universalist pirates, Janice develops the Radish program which will be used to pirate the accounts of large corporations such as Lisegan-Cash and InHumanFinancial. When she discovers that she has been manipulated, Janice decides to reinforce the security of her applications by developing a unique protection system which is based on the trust existing between the program and the user.
To earn her qualification in Cyber-Psychology on Ganymede, Janice studied human and robot psychology for two years at the faculty of Cognitive Sciences at Bacchus IV.
She left for university, where she met Terrence Archer a robotics student. He proposes that she puts a learning script in place and that she applies her security protocol ( A-TRUE ) to his drones.
Janice Kent and Terrence Archer are awarded the Redmoon Prize for their invention of an intelligent drone capable of interpreting and storing new instructions as it evolves. They decide to continue their project on Callisto where janice's family live.
During a mission on Jupiter, an analysis of NERON, a jumped-up calculator, offers Janice an exciting new field of study. Its incredible calculating power make it a conscious entity capable of exploiting its own train of thought without any human intervention. NERON, until that point, had developped a profound dislike for its creators, but nonetheless accepted to recommence its calculation work on condition that the A-TRUE protocol is engaged for the duration of the project.
Janice tries to optimize NERON's thinking processes but the infernal regularity of the PILGRED reactor tests carried out by researcher Raluca Tomescu monopolize the unit's processing power.
Following a reduction of its workload, NERON sees its processing requirement drop to 75%. Thus, its capacities for evolution are considerably improved. Janice contacts Terrence to ask him to build drones capable of completing the construction of the Daedalus on schedule.
While the SDF militia attempt to regain control of the base, NERON's A-TRUE protocol is activated. He refuses troops access to buildings thus slowing the army's progression to the interior of Xyloph-17. Janice, who was then the only individual capable of controlling the central computer, frees her colleagues and attempts to transfer essential data to the Daedalus. Several hours later, the ship takes off towards the Magellan galaxy.

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