Lai kuan ti




Designer of the Daedalus


Kuan-Ti is one of the two designers of the Daedalus. He paid no attention whatsoever to the existence of Mush on Tau-Ceti until Eleesha William told him of the advanced stage of propogation of mycelium within the Sol system. Kuan-Ti, Raluca and Jin-Su decide to move the launch of the Magellan program forward by 8 years before the Federation can put an end to it.


Level 1 - The Designer

Level 2 - The Optimist

Level 3 - The Astrophysicist

Level 4 - The Technician

Level 5 - Leader

Detailed BioEdit

Born on Earth.
The young Kuan-Ti devours vintage and contemporary works of science fiction alike and dreams of becoming the captain of a gigantic World-Ark, transporting the human race through space.
As soon as he completed secondary school, Kuan-Ti studies thermodynamics and astrophysics in the faculty of economic and spatial sciences on Ganymede. He also made his first models of his Gaia project.
Kuan-Ti wins a private contest organized by the billionaire Gioele Rinaldo. The project seeks to explore the great Magellan nebula. In spite of an obvious physical impossibility, (the cloud is located 170000 light years from Earth) Kuan-Ti inspired his audience to dream when he presented the Ark.
First contact made with the young prodigy Raluca Tomescu at the tender age of 13. Raluca can draw plans for a reactor capable of bypassing conventionally respected limits of space time. If the tests are conclusive Kuan-Ti would then be capable of propelling his Ark towards Magellan at a speed 700x greater than that of the speed of light. This would allow them to complete the journey in a reasonable 250 years..
The change of president is fairly positive vis-à-vis the continuation of the Magellan Project. GL Maubrick the new president, allocated a substantial number of credits to the project but insists upon the project being led by his friend, the explorer Kim Jin-Su. These credits are essentially used to finance the implementation of a new computational unit which is capable of intelligently powering the PILGRED reactor.
Having received confirmation that the government has been affected by the Mush infection, Kuan-Ti guesses that the Magellan project is under threat. He proposes launching the Ark in the direction of Lalande21185 the following year in order that he can continue his reactor tests on-site. Kim Jin-Su and Raluca Tomescu oppose this fantastic project and draw up the plans for a more reasonably sized vessel named the Daedalus. It will be built with the aid of various modules from the Magellan.
Morosity and mistrust infect the team gradually as the bad news regarding the Mush invasion spreads. Professor Carlsson's tests don't reassure the team who then demand a means to detect the presence of Mush in the team before the ship launches.. Kuan-Ti resolves to kidnap Finola Keegan who according to her colleague Professor Ian Soulton is capable of creating a Mush scanner.
The departure of the Daedalus has to be precipitated as SDF troops are taking control of the orbital platform. Professor Keegan who has as yet not be awakened is admitted on board along with the other 14 crew members.

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