Medicines can be found in the Medlab. Each ship starts with 12 pills. If you research the Distiller you can produce one additional pill each day.

The properties of medicines are only visible to characters with at least one of the following skills:

  • Biologist (Finola Lvl. 1, Ian Lvl. 2, Paola Lvl. 4)
  • Nurse (Chun Lvl. 2, Finola Lvl. 3)
  • Medic (Finola Lvl. 4)

Characters without any of these will see a generic text when checking the medicines in the MedLab's shelving unit:

"Some generic-looking medicine. On the label it says: Eat me! However, maybe you shouldn't do everything you're told."

Mush will automatically see the properties of medicines without having any skill. But consuming does not give any of the effects. (And no AP for StandardRation, Fruits, Coffee, Medicaments,..)

The effects of the medicines are randomly determined at the beginning of each new game. They're never the same for two different ships. So each list of medicines and their effects only applies to the game in which it was created.

If you need a cure for a specific disease, ask your ship's biologist / nurse / medic for assistance.

A biologist / nurse / medic might as well choose to post a list in the game's communication channel. But remember - this list only applies to that specific ship.

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