Mush is a multiplayer mystery game set in space.

You are one of the 16 person crew who operate the famous spaceship, the Daedalus.

Playing solo or co-op, your goal is to become the most glorious hero of all time.

To do this, you need to perform epic actions which bring you glory .
You, along with the other crewmembers aboard the Daedalus, are the last hope to eliminate the Mush parasite and to save Humanity.

Get OrganizedEdit

The crew will need to be well organized.
There is no shortage of work to be done on board, sourcing oxygen, fighting off Hunters, and researching remedies which could lead to the eradication of Mush.

There are numerous, interconnected tasks to be carried out on the Daedalus. Your survival depends on your crewmates too.


Be warned, though: the Mush menace is also aboard the Daedalus. maybe you are the carrier!

The infected members of the team are conspiring... Together, they will try to contaminate the rest of the crew and destroy the Daedalus, ^thus compromising the future of humanity!

Make your choicesEdit

You can choose to work in collaboration with crewmates or to act in your own interests.

Even if you are not a predator, never forget that behind any comrade, an agent of Mush could be lurking! The survival of Humanity depends on you.


At the end of each epic adventure, only a few will pass into the annals of history, thanks to their heroism which is represented by their glory .

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