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Stephen was a bellboy on an interplanetary train, then a slave in a Mexican cobalt mine, a senator in the Chili Con Latte coalition, a space mercenary, a private federal tax collector, money launderer, kidnapper of young girls, Boxylium miner, SDF military chef, and condemned to death. His trip takes him to Xyloph-17 where he is accidentally cryogenized, and shipped aboard the Daedalus.


Level 1 - The Chef

Level 2 - Solid

Level 3 - The Opportunist

Level 4 - The Shooter

Level 5 - The Apprentice

Level 6 - Creative

Detailed BioEdit

Born on Earth.
A failure in his studies, young Stephen found a job as a bellboy in an interplanetary train running from Earth-Mars.
Following the trains being boarded by space mercenaries, the train routes are destroyed. Stephen and part of the crew are handcuffed and taken to Venus to be sold as slaves. Stephen begins his life as a slave on Earth, in a Mexican cobalt mine
Men from Chili Con Latte, a separatist mexican movement, invade the mine and liberate Stephen. He joins the movement and as part of their militia, helps liberate thousands of slaves.
Stephen is elected to senator in the mexican Chili Con Latte coalition. He is very proud of his new social stature and uses it to embezzle millions of credits.
Stephen is forced to hurriedly quit his position in order to evade a warrant. He sets out for Australia but following an explosion in his car, he decides to live on Mars IV. Finally, thanks to the fall of the Baer tower in which Stephen had set up home, he is forced to take stock of his situation, so in order to escape the police and his enemies within the coalition, he must disappear from public life.
After knocking around the bars of Venus for several years, Stephen puts his own crew of private space mercenaries together. He looks for legal contracts, but times are hard. Nonetheless he manages to make ends meet thanks to a clever tax system used on commercial orbiting stations.
Police searches intensify around Venus, and Stephen's crew head back to Mars where they ran delivery details.
After helping Paola Rinaldo, the daughter of a billionaire, flee to Mars, Stephen is imprisoned for corrupting a minor. He is sent to an orbital platform in Ross154 to mine heavy Boxylium in the Confolens IV belt.
Following the panic caused by the bourgeois revolution of the 17th of May, Stephen managed to extricate himself from the detention centre. He sneaks aboard a repatriation convoy and returns to Encelade.
As part of a batallion headed for Tau-Ceti, Stephen narrowly avoids the dirty war, thanks to a particularly disturbed officer who placed him in a detention cell after being served a simple mushroom tart...
Stephen is charged in Encelade. He doesn't really understand the charges put forward by his superiors. They seem to have failed to reach agreement on whether or not there has been some "spongic genocide". A strong smell of mold dominates the hearing room.
The same day as his public execution, Stephen is narrowly saved by a commando who had been trained by two former elite SDF agents. The commando mistakes Stephen for an eminent scientist, specializing in Mushrooms. Stephen, whose talents as a chef never got that much praise before, is flattered. They take him to the orbital station Xyloph-17 which is in orbit around Jupiter. Once there, Stephen is exposed by the team of the Daedalus and placed in detention.
While several SDF batallions seem to want to take over the laboratory, Stephen takes advantage of the widespread confusion to leave the quarantine zone. He manages to sneak aboard a large exploration-class vessel but he is pursued by an armed group. He finally finds sanctuary in a large capsule which turns out to be extremely comfortable, if a bit cold...

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