Terrence archer




Mechanical Engineer specializing in robotics


Seriously injured during an over-ambitious raid against the rebels on Sol, Terrence spent 6 months in a coma. He returns to civilian life broken and bruised, stuck in a wheelchair. Terrence decided to dedicate his life to advanced engineering and the creation of drones. His life's dream is to develop unmanned fighter craft and remote-controlled drones.


Level 1 - Robotics Expert

Level 2 - The Technician

Level 3 - The Pilot

Level 4 - The Shooter

Level 5 - The IT Expert

Level 6 - Metalworker

Detailed BioEdit

Born on a military base on Encelade.
Terrence was enrolled in the space scouts of Encelade for 16 years where he learned to handle a weapon and a Jet vacuum. There he discovers a talent for wheeling and dealing.
After failing his studies in military engineering, Terrence joins the SDF flotilla. His talents as a pilot are recognized, but he has some issues integrating with the team.
During the Sol war, Terrence's fighter craft explodes in mid-flight within Mars' atmosphere. he manages to eject but due to a faulty thruster his survival capsule crashes into the ground at over 120 Km/h. Terrence survives the impact but lost the use of both legs.
Terrence was a late starter in his robotics studies on Ganymede. He is particularly interested in nanorobotics and artificial intelligence courses. It was in the latter that he came to meet Janice Kent, a young cyber-psychology student.
Janice and Terrence created the first drone with a class C learning capability and it's own evolving character together. They receive the Redmoon prize for this and set up their research laboratory on Callisto.
The SDF military subsequently propose funding for the project. Their goal is to improve the learning capabilities of the drone looking to employ the drones in armed conflicts on Tau-Ceti and Ross154. The absence of a biological nervous system make these drones the perfect weapon against the Mush.
Janice leaves the project. Terrence continues the work alone, but is soon stalled by another difficulty: The SDF funding payments become more and more infrequent and eventually stop altogether. The announcement of the construction of the IOM cannon confirms Terrences suspicions as to the reasons behind their sudden disinterest. He now has to find another source of investment.
Terrence receives a disturbing message from Janice. The Mush invasion of the Federation has been going for at least two years. The directors of the Federation and the SDF are infected and the retaking of the rebel systems is simply a cover-up. Terrence leaves for Xyloph-17 where he meets Janice's new team. Their project is to build a new ship capable of leaving this galaxy.
Terrence's drones turn out to be extremely useful in the construction of the Daedalus. By linking them to the vessel's AI core, named NERON, Janice manages to further increase their productivity.
After the SDF seize control of the laboratory, Terrence has no choice but to flee with the crew of the Daedalus. He is safe, but wiped out: All his work along with his 32 assistant drones have been left behind on Xyloph-17.

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