Wang chao




Chief of Security


Wang Chao is assigned to crew protection detail. His chaotic personality makes him as much of a threat to his allies as his enemies. Despite errors made in his youth, Chao managed to earn the trust of his team by organising the emergency evacuation convoy from the Daedalus and successfully protecting them against ex-members of the SDF.


Level 1 - The Shooter

Level 2 - The Survivalist

Level 3 - The Wrestler

Level 4 - The Torturer

Level 5 - Crazy Eye

Level 6 - Intimidating

Detailed BioEdit

Born on Earth.
Joined the SDF (Sol Defence Force)
Taken prisoner at the Battle of Sol, Officer Wang managed to hijack the rebel transporter which he used as a hideout after almost entirely wiping out the crew. He was awarded the golden-beam but for fear of him losing control, his superiors assigned him to Xyloph-17, to the Magellan expedition under the command of Sergeant Derek Hogan..
Officer Wang transferred to Encelade in order to plan the invasion of the Ross248 and Tau-Ceti systems. He was trained to operate the blast-IOM, designed to heal an infected soldier in one shot.
The Blast-IOM proved ineffective. Chao saw his entire commando unit massacred in a surprise attack on Tau-Ceti. Chao had to feign death to evade the rebels and await Sergeant Hogan's late arrival in the area. The surviving rebels were executed but Chao remains convinced that this massacre and numerous others in this war were orchestrated by the federation or the Mush..
Having returned to the Magellan team, Chao and Derek learn of an objective change on the project. The Ark World is now charged with the mission of protecting the human race from the Mush. According to them, the Mush has already taken control of the guerilla rebels and the federation. The new ark is named Daedalus...
The head of the Daedalus project, Kim Jin Su, unofficially tasks Chao and Derek with the kidnap of Finola Keegan, an eminence grise in antimush research circles who refused to join their alliance. Derek Hogan disappeared during the operation under mysterious circumstances, but the mission is a success. Finola is collected and cryogenically frozen on Xyloph-17
When he discovers he is infected by the Mush, Chao eliminates his new superior sent by the federation without the consent of his colleagues. This led to a degeneration of his relationship with the Federation who command SDF operatives in that location to put the project on hold. Chao then helps the remaining members of his team to make their escape from the Daedalus.

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