Zhong chun




Maintenance Operative


As the only surviving member of the Tamina medical team, Chun was forced to board the Daedelus to be subjected to numerous tests. Cryogenically frozen by the Federation for over 9 years to ensure her silence, then harrassed by journalists, Chun has never known an ordinary life. However, as the key to the survival of the human race, Zhong Chun must survive at all costs.


Level 1 - Mankind's Only Hope

Level 2 - The Nurse

Level 3 - Premonition

Level 4 - The Sneak

Level 5 - Lethargy

Detailed BioEdit

Born in Vladivostok in Russia.
Zhong Chun joined the nurses-auxiliary missionary corps and set off in an intergalactic convoy to participate in the great colonization of Tau Ceti. 6 months before she left, she completed an intensive nursing course.
Chun is assigned to the Tamina expedition support team. This luxurious planet has an abundance of animal and plant life, but because of the importance of the Boxylium deposits this does not spark much initial interest from Kim Jin-Su.
After two explorers falling ill after routine surface expeditions, the ship is rapidly re-routed to join Atemis on Tau Ceti III. During the voyage, the young explorer Daryn William dies under Chun's eyes. The second pilot is still alive when he goes into the operating block. What happens next is a nightmare. In the middle of the operation, two assistants begin to vomit violently. The quarantine alarm sounds and the entire medical bay is sealed. Chun goes from one patient to the next, but in less than 36h the entire exploration and medical staff have succumb to what seems to be a highly contagious form of fungal apraxia. Of the entire group, Chun is the only survivor.
In a state of shock, Chun is sent back to Earth. Upon her arrival, her cryosleep is prolonged for an unspecified period by the government. Officially there were no survivire of the Tamina disaster.
Chun wakes up in Central America where she awakes in the presence of a team led by Nils Carlsson. She had been their test subject for the last 9 years. She is rehomed in the suburbs not far from the laboratory under an assumed name. In questioning Professor Carlsson, she learns that the infection discovered on Tamina has spread to Tau-Ceti and that the sanitation department is currently working on a vaccine to stop the spread. The colonists have not been advised.
An SNC journalist catches up with Chun and asks her exactly what happened on Tamina. Chun answered his questions but didn't mention the pandemic on Tau-Ceti for fear of causing widespread panic throughout the system.
Nils finally completes his analysis of Chun's immune system. He manages to isolate a sample of harmless mycelium which encourages human antibodies to gradually reject the mush. The Anti-Fungal vaccine is sent to Tau-Ceti.
Whila a massive preventative vaccination campaign is arranged on Antemis under an invented pretext, a spontaneous rebellion bursts out amongst the miners. A story breaks that the new vaccine transforms you into a mindless zombie enslmaved the mines of Sol. Only a handful of miners could be vaccinated before the SDF were obliged to leave the system.
The official Federation announcement of the existence of Mush sets off an unprecedented media storm. News of Zhong Chun's existence rapidly breaks and she finds herself constantly harrassed by groups of journalists. To escape the unrest, Professor Nils sends Chun to Xyloph-17, the base from where her colleague Kim Jin-Su is organizing a voyage to the Magellan nebula.
Chun worked for two years on the orbital platform as a maintenance operative. Only Kim Jin-Su, the commander of operations, knew her true identity. Despite the satisfaction of finally being able to lead a normal life, Chun worried for Carlsson's safety as he was supposed to join her a few months later.
The journalist Eleesha Williams who interviewed her 10 years previously suddenly contacts the crew with some alarming news. According to a note left by Carlsson dating from 3150, the decision makers of the Federation are infected.
Professor Carlsson finally makes it to the orbital platform, Chun's true identity is revealed to the crew. They started working together again to isolate another mycelium sample and restart vaccine production. However, Nils' deteriorating health hampers progress considerably.
The invasion of the orbital platform by the FDS provokes the hurried departure of the Daedalus. Professor Carlsson isn't up to following the team, so is obliged to leave Chun facing her compelling destiny.

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